Married for a Lifetime

It was thirty years ago today Darla and I got married. We can’t believe it has been that long already. When we said our vows on June 6, 1981 we had promised to ‘love, honor, and cherish’ each other for a lifetime. When you are in your twenties and full of ‘love’ it is easy to say things like that.

You can live a whole new lifetime and still not be fifty years old. Thirty years later we still want to be married a lifetime. Only now a ‘lifetime’ means another fifty years. That is something worth living for.

Darla and I went to Tucson for dinner. There wasn’t a particularly romantic place to eat here in Benson, AZ. One of the locals said they thought there was a restaurant in town that had dim lights. As inviting as that sounded we thought our thirtieth anniversary deserved a bit more. Darla gave me card. As personal as the card is, I’d like to share with you what she wrote.


It is hard to believe we have been married 30 years. I still feel like your 20 year old bride and you still have the charm of my 26 year old groom.

A lot of life has been lived since we said ‘I do’. I could never have imagined then where God would lead our life. And  I was okay with that because I just wanted to be next to you on our journey of marriage.

Thank you for helping to make me a better person and for completing me. You have loved me, adored me, cherished me, blessed me, and stretched me like no one else could.

Our children are the greatest gift we could give the world. They will become the legacy of our love.

I will forever and always be your bride. I love you, Darla.

I am the most blessed man on this earth.

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  1. Bill Rice says:

    Can’t believe you two have been married for 30 years.Congatulations, a couple days late. Carole and I are just about at our 54th on Sept 14th. I believe lasting love is a by-product of Christ’s love within us. We’ll be in Arizona later this summer. Too bad we’re not there now. Bye for now, just wanted to let you know we are following your trip and will continue to pray safe travel and souls saved now and then.

    Bill and Carole Rice

  2. Ron and Vernis Lewis says:

    Dear Mortimer Family,

    Ron and I just finished reading your book–it is so awesome! Edna had lent me a copy and when Ron saw me reading it, he wanted one of our own, so we read it pretty much together–he does read faster than I do.

    I also just finished reading through this site, and will keep checking it more often. I wondered if you are getting into smoke from the fires along the AZ/NM border. I grew up in Las Vegas (New Mexico!), and we never had any fires that we can remember way back when. Will you be going through Albuquerque? Many of my former classmates live in Albuq. now, and I know they would love to hear you.

    Happy anniversary! Time flies, doesn’t it? We married in 1964 and lived in Glendale AZ for a couple of years after Ron got out of the Air Force. One spring there was more rain than usual, and the desert flowers were incredibly beautiful.

    May God watch over you all.

    Vernis Lewis

  3. Hi Mortimer’s! No clue as to where you are, but know God is with you. Maybe you could have the chief blogger give a position report from time to time. It would be fun to know your planned route so we can reminisce about your trip.

    Happy Anniversary! I loved your wedding picture. Neither of you have changed a bit. Except that Bob must have dyed his hair back then. 1981 was a good year. The air traffic controllers went on strike (not me) in August. I quit smoking in November. For some unknown reason I put on a quick 10 lbs. They’re still with me.

    Happy trails and blessings from Jim & Joani, we love you!

    Blessings and love from Jim & Joani

  4. jeff schindler says:

    hey guys, congrats on 30 years of marriage, not many things are built to last any more ,but you have built a” lifetime ” on a foundation that will not crumble or fail under the stress or weight that can be heaped upon a “structure” these days . The Lord knows your shoulders are strong enough to bare the weight of many,such as my own when i could not carry it alone. It will be 30 years for Mary and Myself on Nov. 5 and i can only hope for 30 more! God less you and keep up the good work. much love, Jeff

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