Home is wherever God leads me

Hello Everyone!

My dad usually writes the blog, but he recently offered me (Chanel) to do one. I accepted, as you can tell. Even though Dad usually tries to give a sermon in his blogs, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I want to give a bit of an update as well. Those of you I email, receive my email updates. But then that leaves everyone else wondering what we’ve been up to, where we are, etc. We are in Las Cruces, New Mexico, right now.

I was recently talking with a friend on the phone, and I told her, ‘You know, I’m kinda getting homesick. And as bad as it sounds, it’s not really for the people, but for a real house.’ Her response was, ‘Well that’s great. You’re homesick, but not for the people, just stuff.’ She was partially being her dramatic self, but I know how it sounds. It doesn’t sound good. But I guess what I mean is that I miss normality and routine.  I miss knowing which Safeway I’ll shop for groceries at, what church I’ll be at on Sunday, and who I’ll see when. That’s what I miss. And I’m in contact with most everyone from home, so it’s not like
I never talk with them.

But then I realized, if I’m going to follow God in every way I can, I guess I need to give up normality and routine. I need to follow Him to wherever he leads me. That’s when I realized, ‘Home is wherever God leads me.’ So if I’m homesick, then I guess I’m not doing what God is leading me to do. So I think I’ll throw that homesick feeling out the door.

Now for the update stuff. We’ve been doing good out here. Grant and I have been a little sick this past week, but I’m doing better and I think he is too. We’re thinking it was the heat. We met a very nice man at a truck stop, Tim, who drives a semi with his wife, and also enjoys riding his bike. He was very nice, and fixed the brake on my bike. It had been rubbing against my wheels, making it a harder ride. We discovered that in New Mexico,
there is something called a ‘goat head’. ‘What is this goat head?’ you may ask. Well, it’s a thorny bur that will get in your tires and flatten them. And they are in dirt, and sometimes on the roads. Tim (see earlier in this paragraph) told us, ‘You’ll have these all the way through Texas.’ So we’ve had LOTS of flats! Over twenty flats in the last 180 miles. We kinda lost count.

We have all gotten very tan. I have recently gotten a new stuffed animal, Milly, to add to my small collection out here on the road. Milly is a small, pink kitty, who has a little ‘house’ that looks like a cupcake. She is the perfect size to fit in my bike shirt pocket! Milly and Casserole, my other kitty, get along very well. Mom has made it a personal mission to find cupcakes on this trip. So we’ve had some cupcakes out here, and they’ve all been very good. But luckily, we’re riding our bikes so we aren’t getting pudgy from all the cupcakes!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog, and it wasn’t a bore. Please write a comment so I know what you think about my blog. Blogging is a new thing for me, so I don’t know if I’m any good at it yet.

Until next time, Chanel

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3 Responses to Home is wherever God leads me

  1. Tom Mortimer says:

    Great blogging Chanel!!!

    Finally out of Arizona and into New Mexico! Now you know why they call it flat country. Nice Kitty,ours likes to ride on our pant legs even if you don’t have long pants on. About the only comment I can make on your homesickness is that a lot of us who do the same routine everyday like getting up, going to wrk, coming home, going to bed, would love to take a couple of months off and see what everyone else is doing. Sierra graduated this week into 3rd grade!! I took her to a park for a McDonald’s picnic and learned something new about being a Dad. When little girls fall off the swing in front of little boys, Daddy’s shouldn’t laugh. She didn’t get hurt physically, just embarrassed. After 15 minutes in the bathroom, she finally came out. Until you hold a sobbing little 8 year old in your arms, you will never know the joy of being a Daddy. I promised to try harder and she allowed me to call her my little girl, for just this summer. Sometimes a broken heart isn’t a bad thing, the healing is so beautiful that it is worth it.
    Anyway keep up the good work and hope to hear from you soon. Our prayers are with you today and all your tomorrows,

    Uncle Tom

  2. Chantele says:

    Hey Sweet P, you did an awesome job! No words culd express how proud I am of you & your family. Lyric & I will be waiting when you come home, in the mean time enjoy your incredible adventure’s on the road & no matter how far you go the roads will always guide you back home. Big Bear Hug. 🙂

  3. Great and interesting blog Chanel. Nice to know what’s going on. Bummer about the flats. Wonder if you could get solid rubber tires?

    Read in the paper that the temperature is real cool down there, only 91. I know, it’s a dry heat and it doesn’t feel that hot. Right, 91 is hot like a blast furnace on low.

    I’m anxious to hear the road kill stories. I’m weird, but hear there are tarantulas, armadillos, snakes etc. Not a pretty picture when you’re fixing a tire, or anything else for that matter.

    Wonder if Rick Perry will greet you as you go screaming across Deep in the Heart Texas? Do you want me to tip him off?

    Don’t feel bad, but things are good here. We miss you and pray for you daily, Love, Jim & Joani

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