We made it to Jacksonville!!

On August 5 we reached the Atlantic Ocean at Jacksonville, Florida. Hooray! Darla, Grant, Chanel and I put the front wheels of our bikes into the surf. It was 103 days ago we had our back tires in the surf of the Pacific Ocean at Long Beach, California. The pedaling part of hope and Courage Across America 2011 was over.  As a team (family) we pedaled 4800 miles. We are so glad we emphasized the team aspect of our riding. We always rode in groups of two, three, or four. If you weren’t pedaling, you were supporting those that were. The biggest challenges we had on the bikes were heat and humidity. Not bad compared to some of the things we faced in 2008. God has watched over us well through our journey.

We had some struggles with the truck and RV since Texas. First, I drove under an arch that was at least a foot shorter than the top of the air conditioners on the RV. As the driver, it was my fault but a ‘low clearance’ warning would have been helpful. Anyway, it tore the air conditioning units off and damaged the roof. This resulted in an unscheduled, two week stay in Hattiesburg, Mississippi waiting to get the RV out of the shop. Hattiesburg is a wonderful town and we got to know it quite well. They have a beautiful bike trail and we
took advantage of it while we were there. After Hattiesburg we got bad fuel in the truck and had to be towed off the freeway. The next day the RV had a flat on the freeway. All of these events were made more tolerable by State Farm Insurance and AAA.

Since reaching Jacksonville, we have started heading north. We have ministry scheduled all the way home. Yesterday we visited the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina. We were reminded of the power of the clear presentation of God’s message. We are now in Holmes County, Ohio…Amish country. In the next five days we will have two evening meetings with the Amish, a community gathering and Sunday service with the Mennonites and several home visits. Pray that we will be faithful to present that clear message of hope in Christ and the courage to use that hope to face mountains. After all, it was never about the miles, it is always about the message.

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  1. Tom Mortimer says:

    Way to go Mortimers!!! You make us proud. Mom was asking about you guys yesterday. I said I thought you were in Florida since we gota postcard from Chanel saying so. She said you had to be in Ohio this weekend for a gathering and couldn’t possibly still be in Florida. Her birthday is tomorrow and she will be glad to hear you made it. Oh, by the way, I found out the postcard was dated a week ago. What adventures you have experienced! I don’t know if a book could do them justice. I think a movie is in order here. Fires, flats, breakdowns, accidents, and still you kept on spreading the Word. Washington is still trying to break out of the Spring, high 60’s and low 70’s are the norm still. Our lives are filled with a little kitty going a hundred miles an hour and a little girl growing up way too fast. Thanks for the personal cards you have sent her Chanel, they meant alot. Happy Birthday to all of you and please be safe while visiting the Amish. Who knows, by the time you make it back here, we may be in Summer!!

    Luv ya, Me

  2. Woo Hoo! Way to go! What a great shot of all of you dipping your wheels in the Atlantic at JAX. We visualize your speed run across America as leaving a huge wake of wonderful blessings to all those you came in contact with. Praise God for all of you and your commitment to Him. He loves you and we do too! Looking forward to hearing your message when you get back. Love, Jim & Joani

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