Hope and Courage Journey 2011

We are going across America with a message of Hope and Courage…again. In April we will pack the bikes in the back of the RV and drive South. We will unload or bikes in Long Beach, California and pedal as much as possible between Long Beach and Jacksonville, Florida. We want to use every opportunity we can to share a message of hope in Christ and the courage to use that hope to face the challenges of our lives.

This is similar to what we did when HCJourney 2008 went from Gig Harbor, Washington to the Statue of Liberty. I have just chronicled the adventures and people we met that summer in a book~Hope and Courage Across America. The memories have inspired us to get back out there and do it again.

Our team will be smaller this time. Nicole has graduated from college, gotten a great job as an RN, and married Justin Jurgens. Justin is a wonderful young man and is currently scheduled to serve in South Korea for a year. With all of the hubbub of their lives, they will be with us in spirit but not in person. We will not be taking a support person with us. Aunt Jeanne was indispensable in 2008 and will be missed this time. It will just be Darla, Grant, Chanel, and me starting out. We will take turns pedaling and supporting. After all, it’s not about the miles, it’s about the message.

We are scheduling places to stop and share our message throughout the spring and summer. Our route will follow the I-10 corridor. However, we are following God’s lead, so if He wants us to take detours, we will take detours. For more information visit our website, www.hcjourney.org.

Drop us a note of encouragement from time to time. We will keep you up to date on our journey.

With hope and courage, Bob

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  1. God has a way of letting us know when the Holy Spirit is up to something great! I awakened this morning just KNOWING I needed to know what is going on with you and your family!!! WOW!~ What a terrific journey you all are on! I’ll be checking in to read the blog, and praying with you as you cross the country. I think I will put up a little map on my office wall with a marker of where you are on your journey. The southeast is in for a big treat! Bless you all on this most incredible journey of Hope and Courage!

  2. Faith Lam says:

    I truely enjoyed your presentation today at Watford City High School. I am the At-Risk Coordinator and I work with students who are correcting previous mistakes. You met one of my students today, Andrew, and trust me when I say you have left an impression on him. For that alone, I thank you! I understand that you and your family will be ending your trek acrossed America in Jacksonville, Florida. I am from there and would really like to know if you are doing any presentations in that area. I would like to let my family and friends know about it so they can be blessed like I was today. Thank you for your ministry! Faith Lam

  3. Nicole Michl says:

    Hello, you came to our school today Watford City High School. I just wanna say that what you had to say was amazing. It is a great thing that you can proudly say what you said today and that you have no problem with who you are! It really help me out and got me thinking that it dosn’t matter what people think..I don’t talk to people in school and sometimes get picked on. What you said today makes me think it dose not matter what the people on the outside think it matters what i think. I also seen that you talked to Katie. She is a great girl i was sitting next to her. Me and her have a great connection and are like best friends. I have all respect for you and your family that you guys are keeping your heads high and doing what you want to do and not letting anyone or anything in your way and i respect you to the fullest! I hope you have a great trip and also a safe one!
    Nicole Michl.

  4. Hi, now that I’ve found you in AZ instead of TX I realize that the offshore breeze ended long ago and that Texas is down the road a far piece. We miss you and love you. Glad to hear that Chanel found out that just being a good/excellent person wouldn’t carry her over the threshold. Way to go Chanel. Are you getting that much taller, or do you have a short bike? That picture of you on the bike looks like you’ve grown another 6″. Darla, I hate to say it, but on the beach picture next to Grant, looks like you’ve shrunk 4″. Must have been the angle. OK, Bob and Grant I know you’ve both grown too, upward! I won’t make any comments about the weather. If you went through Yuma, Go Marines! If you go through El Paso, Go Army! “Onward Christian Soldiers”, Mortimer Family! Will check in later, Jim & Joani

  5. Oops, I found the route on the home page. Sorry, Jim

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