Hope and Courage Journey 2011 is…

Hope and Courage Across America 2011
Hope and Courage Journey 2011 is travelling a southern route through the United States.

  • starting April 2011
  • return home September 2011
  • to celebrate the undefeated human spirit
  • to inspire hope in a God that cares
  • to stir courage in the face of trial
  • to make a difference

The Message: Put your hope in Christ and have the courage to use that hope to face the challenges of your life.

Life is a journey of hope and courage.  Hope must be inspired.  Courage must be stirred.  The spark of hope exists in us all.  It is the glimmering sunrise on a distant horizon.  No matter what we are facing, the situation is not hopeless.  But hope alone is not enough.  We need courage.  Courage to take the next step.  Courage to move forward.  This journey is about inspiring hope.  Hope in a God that cares about us as individuals….helping us to conquer the mountains.  And maybe the journey can stir courage in others.  Courage to go one more mile in spite of wounds and challenges.

Hope and Courage Journey 2011 is not about time or distance.  This is about having as much contact with people as possible.  Events are planned along the way at host communities.  Day to day riding allows time to meet people.  Believing ‘ministry is what happens when you are on your way to do other things’ everyday is an opportunity to make a difference. It’s not about the miles, it’s about the message.

The Team: At the age of 21, Bob Mortimer walked into a downed power line after a late night car crash. The electrocution resulted in the amputation of three limbs. A few years later Bob met Darla. She encouraged him to discover his real purpose in life through hope in Jesus Christ. They married in 1981. Bob and Darla founded Bob Mortimer Motivational Ministries spreading a message of Hope and Courage throughout the world. Darla loves being a homemaker and raising their three children. She also enjoys cycling with Bob. Together they have completed HCJourney 2008, the STP, and Cycle Across Washington. Grant is their 18 year old son. He is an eager bike tech. When asked why he wanted to ride the HCJourney 2008 he said, “So my dad will never have to ride alone.” He brings that same attitude to this ride. The youngest is Chanel. At thirteen, her goal is to ride more than she did in 2008. Her job, besides being the ambassador of happy, will be to make as many new friends as possible during the journey.

Their daughter Nicole will not be with them this time. Since HCJourney 2008, Nicole has graduated from Northwest University with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, married Justin Jurgens, SGT. US Army, and is currently working at her dream job.

Bike Riding: The hope is to pedal 2500 miles between Los Angeles, California to Jacksonville, Florida. The Mortimers don’t consider cycling a challenge. They love to ride bikes. They will ride as a family, taking turns pedaling and supporting. They consider it a privilege to be able to do something they enjoy to draw attention to the God, the Giver of Hope.

The Route: The bike riding portion of the journey will follow the I-10 corridor through the south. The ministry portion of the journey will also include the greater Southeast portion of the US. The return to the Northwest will pass through many of the places we stopped during HCJourney 2008.

Follow Hope and Courage Journey 2011: Keep track of the  Mortimers through Hope and Courage Blog.

Invite Bob to speak: Contact Bob about speaking in your community during HCJourney 2011 or after.

2 Responses to Hope and Courage Journey 2011 is…

  1. Kamaria says:

    You spoke at my school (Mariner HS) and I had the pleasure of escorting you into the school. Your speech was amazing! My friends are still talking about it! (: Thank you!

  2. Margie Snodgrass says:

    Thinking about you today and lifting you up in prayer. You guys are definitely our heroes! Blessings and may the Lord sustain you and give you divine appointments each day. We love you!

    Andy and Margie

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